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Seajay Consulting Ltd. provides a broad
range of consulting services in the areas of:

Alternative Fuel Technologies for the Transit
and Transportation Industries
Personnel Development
Marketing and Market Research
Environmental Management
Project and Program Management
General Management Consulting
Supply Chain Management
Energy Management
Emergency Planning
Design and Construction of Asphalt Pavement
Polymer Geogrids in Highway Design
Relative Rigidity and Material Behaviour
Seajay Consulting Ltd. provides a broad range of consulting services in the areas of: Alternative Fuel Technologies for the Transit and Transportation Industries; Communications; Design and Construction of Asphalt Pavement; Polymer Geogrids in Highway Design; Emergency Planning; Energy Management; Environmental Management; General Management Consulting; Marketing and Market Research; Personnel Development; Project and Program Management; Relative Rigidity and Material Behaviour; and, Supply Chain Management.
Alternate Fuel Technologies
for Transit and Transportation

We are able to provide objective and unbiased assessment of the various emerging and existing technologies available to the transit and transportation industries.

Our evaluation will provide the client with the following analysis:

›  Life cycle cost evaluation compared to existing or other alternative technologies
›  Impact assessment on operating facilities
Impact assessment on maintenance processes and tooling
Impact assessment on personnel skill sets and preparedness
Impact assessment on operations
Impact of the new technology on emissions
Impact assessment on supply chains
Strategies for adopting selected technologies
Communications services provided are in:
›  Marketing
›  Public Relations
Special event organization such as annual general meetings, conferences, and fundraising campaigns
Internal Communications
Communications evaluations and audits
Emergency Planning
Emergency Planning Services provided are:
›  Review and updating of existing emergency plans
›  Writing of original emergency plans
Coaching of individual key staff in their roles during emergencies
Workshops on your organization's roles and responsibilities during an emergency
Creation of fictional emergency scenarios suitable for your organization
Planning sessions with key staff to change your plan from a document gathering dust into a living reality in people's minds.
Energy Management
Energy Management Services provided are:
›  Energy assessments for large portfolios
›  Energy tracking and monitoring
Facility upgrade planning
Energy audits
Energy awareness and training programs
Grant applications for NR Can, GMEF, BC Hydro, Terasen and Fortis utility programs
Energy technology assessments
Renewable energy development projects utility supplier negotiations and selection
Technical support for energy efficient design of new buildings
Identification and documentation of greenhouse gas emissions for municipalities, school districts, government departments and private corporations
Environmental Management
Environmental Management Services provided are:
›  Impact assessments
›  Audits
Expert testimony
Environmental management system development
Environmental management training
Occupational health and safety audits
General Management Consulting
General Management Consulting Services provided are:
›  Strategic planning and business planning services that include
    ›  business strategy development
    › framing problems/challenges, articulating needs, mediating conflict, managing process
Enhancing business performance
Increasing operational effectiveness
Expanding the reach of the organization
Organizational structure evaluation and process and procedure evaluation and development
Public transit fleet and facilities maintenance process evaluation, including maintenance audits
Business acquisition and sale evaluations
Facilitation services
Marketing and Market Research
Marketing Services provided are:
›  Market research and studies
›  Commercialization feasibility studies
Identification of acquisition targets
Due diligence of potential acquisition target
Benchmarking studies and evaluations
Evaluations of businesses for sale
Opinion polls and studies
Advertising program evaluation
Public relations research
Personnel Development

Personnel development is key to ensuring an enterprise's continued success. Training sessions are normally conducted by way of lecture and moderated interactive discussion, with participants actively contributing to theme development.

Seajay Consulting provides the following training:
›  Leadership and management workshops
›  Project management seminars
Environmental management seminars
Client relations training
Public speaking workshops
Media relations workshops
Business communications seminars
Project and Program Management
Project and program management services provided are:
›  Facilities development and land use planning
›  Requirements definition
Capital project definition
Evaluation and design of program management processes
Project management
Management oversight and owner's representative services
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a business strategy that integrates operations within a company and with suppliers and customers.

SCM will improve your customer service and the bottom line. Example service areas include:
›  Supply chain strategy
›  Global supply chain design
Strategic sourcing
Inbound logistics
Warehouse design/layout
Productivity improvements
Inventory accuracy
Supply chain audits
Supply chain information technology
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