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› Environmental Management
› Personnel Development
› Project and Program Management for Transportation, Public Transit, Schools, and Facilities
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#800-15355 24th Ave., Suite 527
Surrey BC, V4A 2H9 CANADA
Tel: 604.541.0148
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Company Profile

Seajay Consulting Ltd. was founded on May 1, 2003. It comprises a group of highly respected and experienced independent consulting associates. Seajay Consulting specializes in alternative fuel technology and hydrogen fuel cell expertise for the transit and transportation industries. Our independent associates also provide consulting services in business planning, marketing and market research, emergency planning, energy management, environmental management, supply chain management, fleet and facilities planning and maintenance, personnel development, project and program management, asphalt pavement design and construction, use of geosynthetics in highway design, and, relative rigidity in materials behaviour. Clients served include private and public organizations in a variety of industry segments both domestic and international.

Seajay Consulting is able to undertake assignments with an individual consultant or with a team of consultants optimally selected to flexibly deliver the best solution to the client's needs. Seajay Consulting Ltd. provides clients with integrated solutions that take into consideration the technology, process and, most importantly, the people facets of their enterprises. Seajay Consulting Ltd. has the firm belief that effective motivation of employees of the enterprise is as important to the bottom line as the organizational structure and technology used by the business.

All associates believe in the principles of integrity, courage and knowledge in carrying out their services to our clients.

Seajay Consulting Ltd. is associated with MARCON Management Consultants Inc., Graystone Logistics Solutions, the HDP Group Inc., and Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd.